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About UB is an online longboard skateboard shop specializing in pro level Downhill, Freeride & Carving skate products. Share your pics, videos and skate stoke with us!
Mission Providing Ultimate Boards to Ultimate riders in New Zealand
Overview Ultimate Boards is about innovative, creative, fun, unique boarding products from New Zealand and the rest of the world, where they don't have hills like ours. Poor buggers.

Here at Ultimate we ride what we sell. We just love riding boards, with wheels, without wheels, on water, on snow, on a barrel, it doesn't really matter as long as its fun and gives something a little different to the mainstream.

We try and find the best products out there that make us say "i gotta have one of those" or "I wonder what it feels like to ride on that thing" Hopefully that is what you will find in our growing product catalog along with the safety products to keep you from hurting yourself..........Well ok, that was a lie. You probably will hurt yourself a little bit, at some point.

So whether you are a street cruising longboarder, downhill bomber, a surfer when theres no swell or a concrete snowboarder ripping it up, or you just like sliding down a polished aisle at your local Countdown in your socks, this site is for you!

Just don't forget to wear your pads when you need to. Remember Safety First! Now get out there and skate.

Much Love

All at Ultimate Boards
Web site www.ultimateboards.co.nz

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