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About Nice Mice Feeders supply both Frozen and Live Rodents to the client’s requirements. We supply ASF Mice, Rats and Standard Mice. We can also supply other feeder products and products to the reptile industry.
Description “Where service and product exceeds expectations”

Nice Mice Feeders was established in April 2010. We are dedicated to bringing our customers feeders of the highest quality possible at affordable prices. We specialize in the breeding of top quality ASF (African Soft Fur) Mice, Rats and Standard Mice. Every animal we sell is fed a proper diet and were raised in a healthy environment. All of our frozen feeders are humanely euthanized. All of our rodents are correctly sized, professionally packaged, and quickly frozen.

Nice Mice Feeders is committed to serving your feeder animal needs. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, whether in the value of a product or the integrity of a relationship. We understand that our success depends not only on the quality of our products but, more importantly, on the strength of the relationships we establish with our customers.
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