Field and Depot Maintenance Manual for Pump, Injector, Fuel Assembly, 2910-333-5006 (Simmonds Model Su-15g3), Pump, Injector, Fuel Assembly, 2910-571-

Description This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1989 Excerpt: ... mark on gear assembly (C). See figure 50 for alinement of timing marks. (5) Install ring gear gasket (D) on ring gear assembly (C). Make sure all holes in gasket (D) aline with all holes in ring gear assembly (C). NOTE: Do not move mainshaft assembly (F, tig. 40) or change position of alined parts. c. Assembling Main Body to Distributor Block Assembly and Associated Parts. NOTE: The key letters shown below in parentheses refer to figure 31 unless otherwise noted. (1) Install main body with parts (F) on studs of distributor block assembly (A). Carefully aline the three studs with the three mounting holes in the main body (J, fig. 38) and assemble. See figure 51 for installation of main body with parts (F) on distributor block studs. Make sure all oil and stud holes aline properly. NOTE: When assembling main body with parts (F) on studs of distributor block assembly (A), the mainshaft assembly (F, fig. 40) must be carefully inserted into the forked end of skew shaft (G, fig. 38) so that crosspiece on mainshaft assembly fits into the skew shaft forks without binding and without moving the position of the alined parts (b above) more than a few degrees in either direction. (2) Install assembled main body with parts (F), distributor block assembly (A), and associated parts on holddown fixture, similar to that shown in figure 25. (3) Secure main body with parts (F) to studs on distributor block assembly (A) with internal wrench nuts (G) and washers (H). Use locking wire (J) and lead seal (K) on nuts (G). 49. Assembling Original Metering Head Assembly (fig. 27) a. The assembly procedures listed below are for an original metering head assembly which will be reused without conversions. Only those parts removed in disassembly (par. 39a and 6) will be assembled in the...

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