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About Check out www.wearedat.com for NOLA clothing, artwork, jewelry, and more....geaux Saints!!!!
Description WE are DAT, LLC is a New Orleans based company, both locally-owned and operated, that was started by Tommy Alfortish and Nikolas Venanzi back in November 2011. Our primary focus is on DAT-themed merchandise and promoting our city and its way of life. It's a fairly simple yet profound idea of being creative with the word "DAT" which is used by a lot of people, especially down South. As the project started to take shape we realized how much fun this concept was and also the depth of meaning behind it. Everyone has very supportive, which has made this journey an incredible experience so far, and we look forward to taking DAT to the next level with you!
What is DAT you ask? DAT is a fundamental concept ingrained in the our way of life and much more than a clever play on words. New Orleans is the epitome of pride, passion, and unity. In the land of Who Dat's, it's simply a way of life and how we carry ourselves. We will persevere, against all odds, no matter what obstacles stand in our way and DAT's just the way it is. WE are DAT, plain and simple, and nobody can take that away from us! WD4L
Web site http://www.WEAREDAT.com

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