HI-ORAC-8 Sunscreen by UV Exposures

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Mission To create natural products that help to fight the negative effects of sun damage and photoaging.
Overview UV Exposures is the manufacturer of HI-ORAC-8 anti-aging sunscreen, the highest UVA and UVB FDA approved sun filters combined with the highest ORAC valued antioxidants: These antioxidants; green tea, pomegranate, cocoa, carrot, coffee and vitamins E, D and A, create a synergistic barrier from environmental assailants and is proven through research trials to reverse the effects of UV damage and photoaging caused by free radical exposure. HI-ORAC-8 is the first approved sunscreen that contains the highest ORAC valued anti-aging topical antioxidants in one formulation.

Web site www.uvexposures.com

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