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About Ndi Igbo Forum is strictly for all Igbos. Ndi Igbo, dika aha anyi siri di, bu ndi na asu asusu Igbo n'ime obodo anyi bu Nigeria. We are here to substain the practice of Igbo Culture and Heritage even to our generations unborn. "LIKE Our PAGE"..
Description This group is for core Igbo Indigene who wish to feel free to express Him or Herself without being afraid of anything.This page is created for information, interaction, news and entertainment of what ever we feel that needs to be addressed in Igbo land and our country generally. Ndi Igbo Forum members are called IGBOITES,while our Advisers are known as THE COUNSELLORS. IGBOITES & THE COUNSELLORS are coined by Ndi Igbo Forum Admin! There is need for Umu-Igbo to come home in other for us to bring development in our land "Makana" Ejighi Akpata Atufuo Aaba Ogaranya. In this forum our Admins are serious minded individuals, where mind boggling issues is address in utmost good faith and high sense of respect for every one. We strongly believes that our Culture must not die. Then we also promote personal and professional growth by networking and culturally as well. This page is not for teenagers,you must be 18years +above for you to be an IGBOITE. Warning to all Spammers,keep off b'cos we'll not hesitate to BLOCK you......BEWARE!!!
Web site http://www.facebook.com/ndiigboforum

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