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About Reverse diabetes loose weight this product is available in 32 countries, if you want to order this product i can guide you to get the right product for your needs and get it delivered to your door. i will guide you hit ABOUT
If you like this product and want to order some of this product IF YOU LIVE IN CANADA go to
hit sign up now choose as a prefered customer, next step, proceed , type in bios life slim in the search for products. bios life slim G 60 US item #25070 for diabetic and bios Life Slim 60 CA item #25375 for non diabetic that want to loose weight . it will show 14.95 for fee as preferred customer but it will be waived in next step when you do an auto shipping and you will never be charged chipping fee. Pick a chippping method witch is canada post expedited parcel. Make Auto-Refill and keep filling out information and product will be delivered to your door
Mission If you live in the UNITED STATES go to
click opportunity, join today, prefered customer, enter my ID#97403502
Follow the steps and it will show you my name mario Nadeau as franchisee owner. item #25070 for diabetic Bios Life Slim G 60 pkts and item #23865 Bio Life Slim OU Crt 60 US and follow instruction
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