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About PYF is an independent, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental set up which is self governing through its constitution. To be a volunteer, click on "Register Here" tab on the page. For more info contact us at:
Description PYF – Prologue
PYF is an independent, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental set up which is self governing.
PYF was founded in 2009, with an intention to create a space for youth where they can express what they want to say. The Idea behind was, “Youth Deserve Listening”. PYF aims to make youth responsive towards the challenges Pakistan is facing these days. PYF has a faith that today’s youth is well-versed and fully equipped to take Pakistan at its peak where it is meant to be. Here, we give best launching pad to its valuable members to have their say and later we published them as ‘Recommendations’.
Unlike most other youth group, PYF is governed by its governing body which is always answerable to its members. We are the most demo-crated organization, where no dictatorship is required. Each member has a right to ask, say and express opinions. Members cast vote to show their opinions on various issues. PYF executive members who are part of governing body are equal to its members. It does not make them superior.
It makes us most different that ‘PYF has its own Constitution’. Each and every decision is made in the compliance of this constitution. And each one is equal in this constitution.
Mission PYF – Slogan:
Our motto is, “Youth Deserves Listening”. Meaning Youth has a Right to speak.


Social Services
Education for All
Equal Rights
Re-defining Youth

Social Services:
At PYF, we strive to Respond Actively Whenever our County Needs us. PYF Volunteers have Actively Participated in Various Events, such as acting as a Disaster Response Team in face of Natural Disasters, initiation and implication of Social Awareness Projects, working for the Mentally Disabled Children, Anti-Terrorism Protests, interfaith harmony and Peace building seminars, just to name a few….

Education for All:
In Current Scenario an Educated Nation can reach the impossibilities of this Challenging World. We believe that the Current Education system has failed to deliver wisdom and Social Values in our Youth. It is our Responsibility to prepare our Upcoming Generation to compete with the modern Challenges. For This, Educating our Young Generation is one of our Prior objectives.

Equal Rights:
PYF believes that Every Pakistan No matter Which Religion, Caste or Sect he belongs to, has The Right to live his Life independently and with Dignity. PYF Strives to Gather All Pakistanis under one Flag Where They can Work Selflessly for the Betterment of Society and making Pakistan one of the Greatest Nation in The World.

Re-defining Youth:
At PYF, we believe that Youth is much more than just a bunch of young people. We believe Youth to be an element of change. We see Youth as the Front-liners, as the fore-bearers of success, as the Light-bearers, as the true Descendants of our Great Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the rightful owners of this great land of Pakistan. And we believe that Youth does have a right to speak, to ask, to be listened to.
Overview PYF is an independent, non-political, non-profitable and non-governmental set up which is self governing through its constitution
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