Dixon's Violin

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About Transformational Journeys via Digital Violin. Official website at www.dixonsviolin.com
Description "This was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life..."
"You are the singularly most profound thing I've ever seen. Thank you for altering my universe."
"Dixon was mind blowing...it was so fantastic I can't even describe. Life changing."
"The most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Not to mention the most moving!"
"Every music experience for me now is known as the time before Dixon’s Violin and after."
"His violin will rip your heart out and set you free"
"Your violin playing is the most beautiful thing my ears have ever heard."
"Literally life-changing and I know that unless I have the chance to hear him perform again, I'll never hear anything like it for as long as I live. INCREDIBLE."
Web site http://www.dixonsviolin.com

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