A Stitch in Time

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Description A Stitch in Time (ISBN 0-671-03885-0) is a May 2000 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel written by Andrew Robinson.SynopsisPresented as a letter from DS9's resident Cardassian spy and tailor Elim Garak (writer Andrew Robinson's character from the series) to Dr Julian Bashir, Garak recounts his life story, and also notes developments on Cardassia after the end of the Dominion War. According to the text, Garak has since assisted in the rebuilding and recovery of Cardassia, while also supporting democratic reforms for its government. He believes that the Dominion War and destruction of Cardassia were partially caused by Cardassia's military-led government.Robinson has stated that one of the reasons he wrote the novel was to get "total closure" of the character.External linksA Stitch in Time at Memory Beta

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