Rémy Gaillard

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Description Rémi Gaillard is a French humorist who uploads videos on YouTube. After losing his job at a shoe store, Rémi began to use his free time to have fun and run pranks on the public. He is the seventeenth most subscribed comedian on YouTube.Gaillard gained attention in the French media after performing a series of well-documented pranks, including an appearance disguised as a Lorient football player in the 2002 Coupe de France final match, during which he took part in the winners' celebrations and was greeted by the then president of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac. He plays football and has posted videos showing his skills. Gaillard has appeared in several sport events, TV game shows and political rallies.ConceptRémi Gaillard became famous for his videos where he displays an "outrageous" style of humour, challenging public norms. Recurring themes include dressing up as and interpreting the behaviour of various animals in public, racing unsuspecting car-drivers whilst dressed up as Mario à la Mario Kart, and numerous provocative interactions with parking enforcement officers and the police.Through his various stunts and pranks Rémi is involved in Culture jamming. In his videos, he is often found mocking the law and induces his viewers to think twice about the norms in today's society.Gaillard's satirical motto is C'est en faisant n'importe quoi qu'on devient n'importe qui (metaphoric translation, "It's by doing whatever, that one becomes whoever").

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