Red Flyer, The Handicapped Pets Community

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About They could all fly once; they can again.
Description A community of handicapped pet caretakers sharing support and knowledge in order to provide better lives for our special needs pets.

How this works:

You may either post your pet’s information on the Red Flyer site or message it to us.

To start, we need a photo of your companion, his or her name, age, weight and a brief description of the animal's condition. Also we have to get your pet's measurements; there is a diagram in our photo albums detailing the points for measuring:

With this information we are able to match a donated cart to your pet's particular needs and we'll start the search. When a chair is available we’ll send it to your family at no charge to use as long as your pet needs it and we’ll ask you to agree to return it to us when no longer needed so that we may loan it to another animal.

The one thing we ask in return for helping find your pet a wheelchair is that you assist us by continuing to look for available chairs for other in need pets. We always have more animals than chairs and the only way we can help all of them is when the whole community stays actively trying to locate more wheelchairs.

These carts are donated from across the country so, by asking friends, neighbors, church groups, at schools and at work you will be almost certainly locate some used wheelchairs. Chances are none will fit your pet but they will fit some other pet or pets on our list and someone elsewhere will find a chair for your companion.

We also need a private message or email with your contact information: phone, email, mailing address and FB page if applicable [we need these to ensure that when we have a match for your pet we are able to contact you] your contact information will not be shared.

If you have any questions please give us a call. 727.639.9285 or email us at
Mission Red Flyer accepts used wheelchairs, refurbishes them and loans them at no charge to families of handicapped pets in need...that no pet should be alone or without the gift of mobility.
Overview Over 90 wheelchairs loaned to special needs pets since 2012 in the United States and overseas.
Phone 727.639.9285
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