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Description A website that meets your needs and helps the world. Where one can go shoppping or get services they get from places they known while giving back to mankind. Unlike places that ask for donations, ask you to add to your bill for helping someone in need this doesn't ask you to do anything but shop or use services you already do with your favorite companies with only one change you click through our website to your store.We already have 85 stores and services and counting, with more added each day
Mission Now our mission is to take what we already do on a daily basis and make it help the world in anyway we can. Since everyone shops online and does various things online this is the best way to utilize that activity is to merge the best of both worlds. That is why we have decided to make it this way by using the setup of a mall to allow multiple things to be done at one location. We have our own stores, well known stores along with services for everyone of all ages and needs all you have to do is just take a look at everything and see what is best for your specific needs, after all no one knows you better than you.
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