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About Established in 2003
Overview Co-founded by Dan Hwang and Yu-Ming Wu

Freshness is on the cusp of celebrating a decade in a business that sees trends come and go every week. While in some other industries ten years may seem like a mere flash on a timeline, in today’s blog-sphere which is replete with fly-by-night sites, trendy Tweets, and street photos of celebrities wearing the newest label, reaching a decade is substantial. Since 2003, we've established relationships with brands, shops, and people of influence from around the world. We've chosen to take our time and treat local shop owners, people we meet at trade shows, and our interview subjects with the utmost respect. We don't cut and paste our news; instead we look deeper into stories that matter - from an important release of a limited sneaker to a well-rounded feature on globally-recognized brand. Our site, which is already recognized as one of the premier online publications of its kind, is not satisfied with our success. Freshness will continue to keep you informed, but we will also adapt to a tricky online environment that has destroyed many of our competitors. Rest assured that we expect to celebrate many more decades of hard work in the future.
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