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About Startup founders community in Baltic Sea region: Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We love internet, but we value "offline networking" as well
Description Community of startups and founders in the Baltic Sea region (Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). Let's create our own "Silicon Valley" here in around the Baltic Sea. Founders from St. Petersburg, Denmark or Norway are welcome to join as well.

We love internet, but we also value "offline" networking.

We aim to bring startup founders together, organize pan-Baltic events, accelerate networking, enable multinational startups, promote startup news, encourage young entrepreneurs and help each other :)

Community evangelists:
EE: Martin Villig, Jüri Kaljungi, Ragnar Sass
FI: Ramine Darabiha, Kristo Ovaska
LV: Ernests Štāls, Janis Bergs
LT: Donatas Stonkus, Rokas Tamosiunas
SE: TBA, contact us!

We are open to your ideas, new initiatives, feedback and active participation. Contact us in Facebook or LinkedIn!
Web site LINKEDIN: EVENTS: JOBS: DB: Companies and Founders: TWITTER LISTS:

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