What is pagelous

On pagelous.com you can find publicly available information about businesses and pages listed in Facebook. How pages gets here? Pages are added by registered pagelous users with their permission to grab their FB Likes.

Posting tips and giving feedbacks

Millions of people are giving their Likes to facebook fan pages with hidden or unknown or unexpressed reason and there is lack of information on tips and feedbacks from these people: why do I like it? Why this business or cause can be helpful for others? Pagelous offers opportunity to rate pages and leave feedbacks to tell the story about page by eyes of customers. Almost everything is connected to location as well.

What's the point?

Many of businesses are posting about their offers just in regular FB post without any promotions. Using Pagelous you can find out what Restaturans in Monte-Carlo or Museums and art galleries from New York are posting about and once there are user feedbacks see what others tells about this place

Saving pages to lists

If you are eager to follow some brands or competitors, it's easy to create and save selected pages to lists. Currently lists are personal and have option "private". We are working on functionality to let anyone explore public lists and it will be launched soon.

What else Pagelous helps with?

You may Suggest pagelous to friends. All of us have friends who we trust, who are good in something and are authorities for us. To follow their new likes or feedbacks - invite them to use pagelous from "My Firends" section once you are logged in.

Please contact us if you have questions or ideas.